70cm ISS SSTV this Sunday, 20 Feb 2022

According to ARISS (and the RSGB news) there will be ISS SSTV test transmissions this Sunday between 0510 and 1200. BUT these will use a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TRANSMISSION METHOD to previous SSTV, and will use the ISS crossband FM repeater which has a 70cm downlink. The test will use KG-STV, Windows-only SSTV software (might it run on Linux/Mac Os under WINE?).

The software and instructions are enoough to get you going. In theory you need CAT control but this only appears necessary for TX, although it appeared not to work well for TX in an initial test with an FT857. (Transmission kept dropping in & out, whether relying on the CAT connection alone or using VOX.)

Although it is possible to decode pictures and text from two provided audio files it appears necessary to use a virtual audio cable to pipe the sound from the audio playback software to the KG-STV decoding software.

If you can make an audio recording of a pass you should be able decode pictures afterwards using KG-STV, providing you have the virtual audio cable software.

More in the ARISS press release here: https://www.ariss.org/press-releases

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