Add BBRC & contests to Google calendar

Want the club meetings and/or the RSGB UKAC/FMAC VHF & HF contests on your Android device? Did you know you can add them to your Google calendar?Here’s how to do so in a few simple steps. The beauty of adding them in this way is that they update automatically if the source calendar is changed.After following the steps below you may find the calendars show up on your Android device with no problem. If not, go into the Calendar app settings, click on ‘Calendars to sync’ and ensure BBRC and any RSGB calendars you have set up are all ticked.


  1. Log into your Google calendar in a web browser
  2. In another browser tab go to and click on the link below the BBRC calendar, which looks like this: 
  1. Switch back to your Google calendar and you should see a popup window asking if you want to add the new calendar


  1. As above, log into your Google calendar
  2. In another browser tab go to the VHF contest calendar here: and click on the Google Calendar graphic near the top of the page.
  3. When the UKAC calendar loads click on the “+” link at the bottom right of the calendar display
  4. Again you should see a popup window in your Google Calendar asking if you want to add the new calendar.


  1. Use the same steps as above for UKAC but the calendar link is .

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