EMF records for 10 MHz up needed by May 18

Ofcom’s requirement for amateurs to keep records showing compliance with ICNIRP EMF guidance is being phased in over a year. The initial requirement, almost 6 months ago now, was to keep records for all bands above 110 MHz. This changes to all bands above 10 MHz on May 18 2022.

The final step, requiring records for all bands is due on 18 November 2022, although it is still unclear how compliance can be shown for most antenna types on the lower bands unless power is reduced to below 10W EIRP. (The Ofcom and RSGB calculators cannot be used for these frequencies. If you have dipole antennas you may be able to use the RSGB PAEC-1 document to show compliance, providing Ofcom agree.)

You can find the RSGB calculator, a link to their web app and PAEC-1 at rsgb.org/emf

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