Fox hunts allow members to practice the skill of direction finding a transmitter in an unknown location (the transmitter being the ‘Fox’ of course). The fox’s location is given in a sealed envelope to each participant leaving from the start point. Additionally the location will be given over the air when participants have all arrived or given up. See the events diary for details of the next fox hunt.


The purpose of the BBRC foxhunt is for participants to practice finding a hidden station by use of radio direction finding techniques and for the avoidance of doubt the exercise is NOT a competition (in terms of time taken to find the fox, the mileage driven during the hunt or otherwise). Consequently there will be no winner and no trophy awarded.

1. Transmissions will be on a nominated frequency in the 2 or 70cms bands, FM, vertical polarisation.*
2. Transmissions will be as follows:
– 2 minutes continuous at start of event.
– 1 minute transmission every 5 minutes.
– 1 minute warning of next transmission.
3. The fox location will be in the area covered by OS Landranger Map 175 **
4. The fox will be located within 30 Mtrs of a “hostelry”
5. The fox will be at a fixed point throughout the event.
6. The fox will be visible from the road.
7. Fox to ensure adequate signal strength at the start point, by tests before the event.
8. Power to be between the limits of 1 watt to 25 watts, and to be held at the same level throughout the event.
9. At the start point, each participant will be given an envelope containing the location of the fox*** & ****
10. Participants will be started at 1 minute intervals by the appointed Marshal(s).
11. Participants may start from the official starting point but equally may start from their own QTH or indeed any other location if they are happy to participate without the envelope.
12. Participants may open the envelope to find the location of the fox at any time.
13. Marshals(s) may take part as the last starter(s).
14. Clues maybe given after the first hour if all participants agree.

* On 2Mtrs, a frequency of 145.275Mhz will be used if possible. On 70cms 434.225Mhz will be used.

** During afternoon or mid summer events anywhere on the map is allowed. During evening events due consideration should be given to weather and light and should be kept close to start location.

***The official starting location will be announced at a club meeting, via a club email and/or the club website and calendar.

****The fox will supply sufficient envelopes containing his/her location.

Previously the foxhunt was competetive. The winners were:
2022 – Charlie G0SKA
2021 – Mike G4RAA
2020 – No winner (the foxes bamboozled the hounds)
2019 – Jeremy G8MLK & Patrick G6CJB
2018 – Trevor M0TDZ and Colin M6VVB
2017 – Kevin 2E0EBX and Albie 2E0EBZ
2016 – Dave G8XCK
2015 – Patrick G6CJB
2014 – Paul G6TSF
2013 – Charles  G0SKA
2012 – Dave G8XCK

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