Happy New Year (subs are due)

Yes, yet another year gone. We have lots coming up in 2024 at BBRC. DX Picnics (outdoor operating in an RF-quiet field), the McMichael Radio Rally, a talk on getting going on QO100 (the geostationary amateur satellite), a demo of the Yaesu FTdx10, the club construction contest.

All that and more for a mere £20 for the year (£25 for family membership) – subscriptions have been frozen yet again, so the same as we were charging back in 2021.

Please fill in a fresh membership form and hand to club Treasurer Dave (G4XDU/G8XCK) at the next club meeting or email it to him. You can find the 2024 membership form here.

NB It is now possible to fill in your membership form using some web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge.

Subs can be paid on a club night or by bank transfer. Look out for an email from Dave with details of how to email forms & make payment by bank transfer.

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