Training – how to get a Foundation licence or upgrade to Intermediate or Full Licence

Foundation licence

Thank you for showing an interest in Amateur Radio, our Club and, in particular, completing the training and examination leading to the Foundation Licence.

In order to gain the Foundation Licence candidates need to complete an examination that tests knowledge of licence conditions and radio theory.

The Club offers a self study training program supported by one to one training and support sessions. The nature and frequency of these are tailored to individual students needs.

Examinations can be taken on-line or at our club location.

Post-licence training

We offer a range of practical training sessions for those training for the foundation examination and new foundation licence holders.

The key objective of these sessions is to enable members to confidently make their first radio contact.

These training sessions include:

  • Setting up your first radio station
  • Use of an antenna tuning unit
  • Making your first FM contact
  • Making your first SSB contact
  • Adjusting antenna length for greatest efficiency
  • Using modes other than voice such as Morse code and data modes

Intermediate and Full licenses

Examinations leading to the intermediate and full licences can also be taken on-line or at the club. There are a range of training opportunities available to prepare candidates for these more technically demanding examinations. The club can offer support and advice regarding selection of the most suitable training route. Please contact a committee member or our Training Co-ordinator Greg, G4EBY, for more details. He can be contacted at ebytronics at (Replace ” at ” with @).

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