IARU proposes HF bandplan changes

The IARU (International Amateur Radio Union) are proposing changes to the HF bandplans, primarily in recognition of the increasing amount to data mode activity. Although not mandatory there are some suggested frequencies for various data modes, such as 14.074, 14.077 and 14.080 MHz as ‘dial frequencies’ for regular 20m FT8 use and for FT8 Fox/contest use 14.089 and 14.902 MHz. WSPR frequencies are not changed, possibly in recognition of the number of dedicated WSPR ‘beacon’ hardware devices where the TX frequencies may be hard coded.

You’ll note that the frequency spacings are 3 kHz steps, which may be a little arbitary as many rigs allow wider ‘audio’ bandwidths (eg the venerable Kenwood TS-590 Mk1 allows 5 kHz in USB mode). In particular SDR rigs may only be limited by software constraints which could be changed to accomodate the full bandwidth eg 14.074 to 14.083 MHz in one view.

There is an IARU pdf file on the RSGB website here http://rsgb.org/main/files/2022/06/6_IARU-HF-Proposal_Oct-2021.pdf which sets out the proposed changes. The suggested channels are at the end. This appears to be part of a consultation but it seems unclear where to respond.

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