June 2022 Foxhunt results

This time round the foxhole was the Palmer Arms pub in Dorney, about half a mile from the Pineapple the club’s usual August watering hole. The fox was only running 2.5w from an FT290 but it was surprising how far the signal got – it was starting to fade at Cookham.

Congratulations to Charlie, G0SKA, the foxhunt winner with a distance driven of 5.8 miles. (Google reckons the shortest distance between start and the fox’s den was 4.4 miles.)

Runner up was the team of Dave, G4XDU/G8XCK, and Mike, 2E0MHX, with a distance of 8 miles. Others managed to find the fox in 10 and 11 miles, which again was a great result. One entrant didn’t manage to find the fox but hopefully had fun as this was their first foxhunt.

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