New 40m club net – 4pm every Saturday

After a couple of successful trials we’re going to try running an HF net at 4pm every Saturday afternoon. Intended operating frequency is 7.063 MHz +/- QRM but keep an eye open for BBRC emails or WhatsApp messages in case things change. Or you could just tune around & see what you can find.

In the two trials so far we’ve been able to link up between S. Wales, Swindon (a non-club member), Nuptown, Slough, Maidenhead, High Wycombe and Princes Risborough.

NB this being HF, propagation is more variable than 2m so will not be as reliable as the Sunday nets. Don’t be surprised if you have problems copying one or more net participants! Oddly the most difficult paths so far have been fairly short distance (3-10 miles) where there has been QSB and odd effects where a path seems to work in one direction but not the other.

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