Ofcom updates EMF calculator + other docs

Ofcom has published updated versions of the EMF calculator, ‘simplified guidance’ and amateur radio ‘additional guidance’ documents. You can find them by at https://www/ofcom.org.uk/emf

The new calculator (v1) provides better advice and guidance – if you follow the instructions you will see a number of options, for example inputting ERP or EIRP. You can also choose whether to set your transmit time in any 6 minutes in minutes or as a percentage. The calculator has a new power calculation sheet where you can input TX power, antenna gain and find out your EIRP. Perhaps unsurprisingly the calculator still cannot be used for frequencies below 10 MHz. Similarly there is still ambiguity about whether the calculator can or cannot be used for ‘long’ antennas (those longer than half a wavelength).

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