On The Air

Club Evenings

The club occasionally operates a HF station on club nights depending on member requests and programme for the evening.    

Club Net

2m FM

The club net is held on Sundays at 10.30am UK time (ie UTC in winter but not summer). Calling on 145.500 MHz and QSYing to a channel around 145.275. The net controller will use their own callsign and usually be a committee member. Call in between overs and the controller to put you on the list. The net will usually have a committee member present so that information about club activities can be obtained and there will normally be a reminder of the next meeting or club activity.

2m CW

Members who have been learning CW hold nets on Monday and Wednesday evenings at around 7.30pm on 144.060 MHz. The speed and standard are not normally very high so feel free to join in no matter how good your CW is!

DX Picnics

These are weekends where the idea is to work radio, free from domestic problems and chores, Camping is optional though members often choose this option as it provides a chance to operate for as long as desired at whatever time of the day or night. The number of members attending provides a chance to sample different operating modes that might not be available to the individual and often a chance to operate other radios.

DX Picnics are sometime arranged to coincide with the club’s competition entries. A chance to work as a team during what can be hectic operating events, participation in the competition is optional but highly recommended.

Holiday operating

If you want to try to make contact with club members while away, here is a suggested list of calling times and frequencies that will make it easier to make contact.

Burnham Beeches Radio Club
All times passed the hour & frequencies ± QRM

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