RSGB calculator 11d – online version launched

The RSGB have released another new version of the EMF calculator, 11d. There are a number of changes, including correction of some errors. There are no suggestions that calculations based on the previous versions need recalculating, so it appears the errors are either minor or err on the safe side. NB A comment in the ‘changes’ sheet suggests that there is uncertainty whether the PAEC section of the calculator works in Libre Office.

There is now an online version of the calculator, which works well on mobile devices. It is based on 11d but includes new features including a set of standard configurations including 5w handhelds, small beam above chimney, home collinear, UKAC home yagi on mast. Once loaded all values can be edited, so if anything is different to your setup you can easily correct it. You can save a backup file of your calculation as well as save a pdf for your records.

You can find the download and web app link at

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