The Bob Green M0HJY Construction Award

The Bob Green Trophy is BBRC’s award to the best homebrew project by a club member and is in memory of Bob, an inveterate experimenter whose indoor exploits with loop antennas and linears were truly incendiary.
Judging for the Trophy usually takes place at a ‘Show and Tell’ meeting in late February.

BBRC Construction Award rules:

  1. The trophy is awarded for the best single item of amateur radio equipment made by a club member. (Note that a set of things with a common purpose such as antenna traps/insulators will count as a single item).
  2. Club projects and commercial kits are all eligible, as are items constructed using ready-made boards or modules.
  3. Judging will be based on the quality of construction, innovation, level of complexity and the extent of work and any design input by the submitting member.
  4. Entries must include a brief written or verbal explanation of the item and the extent of the work/design put in by the member.

    Winners of the Award:
  • 2021 Jeremy G8MLK
  • 2020 Patrick G6CJB
  • 2019 Colin G8RLZ
  • 2018 Alan G7CYD
  • 2017 Colin G8RLZ

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