Yes, you too can be a special, special event station!

The BBRC and Cray Valley Radio Society ran the main GB70E Special Special Event Station (SSES) over the recent 2022 Platinum Royal Jubilee weekend, operating on multiple bands and modes simultaneously. That wasn’t the end of GB70E though. The GB70E call, and those for the other UK Nations were available for any licenced RSGB member to use. Slots were shown on the listing for each call and each time slot was available to different stations, with the option of running either CW, SSB or data modes.

Three BBRC members, Trevor MW0TDZ, Chris G5CTH and Hauke M0TXH had so much fun at the main GB70E station they decided to have a go themselves. Rather than driving East, Trevor stayed at home and drove up the SSB QSO count for GB70W, meanwhile Chris decided to provide some GB70E FT8 contacts as the mode was not supported by the main Jubilee weekend station. Hauke, mainstay of that first GB70E station, still hadn’t had enough so booked himself a massive 18-hour long SSB operating slot for GB70E towards the end of June.

Trevor, Chris & Hauke have kindly written up their experiences, which are absolutely fascinating. Might you be interested in running a special event station next time there is a chance? You’ll be able to find the articles here on the BBRC website very, very soon, so you’ll definitely have food for thought.

Trevor’s GB70W story is here: You too can be a special event station – GB70W

Chris’s FT8 experience is here: You too can be a special event station – GB70E FT8

Hauke has been overloaded with work but his GB70E SSB story will be here soon: You too can be a special event station – GB70E SSB

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