You too can be a special event station – GB70W

Trevor, MW0TDZ, signed up to run GB70W SSB over multiple operating slots. Here’s his story:

Having spent a good few days back down in Windsor operating GB70E with the BBRC team, I returned to Pembrokeshire and offered to take on the GB70W call for a few days to help boost the score here. This turned out particularly well as Wales is quite sought after from the US.  So when conditions were good there was a lot of activity.

I mainly chose late or night time slots knowing that my take off here is good to the West and that’s when the path to the States would be open. These are the slots I ran:

Sunday 19th 1800-2400

Tuesday 21st 0000-1200

Saturday 25th 1800-2400

Monday 27th 1200-1800

The station location was Maidenhead locator: IO71OT, WAB Square: SN11

I set up a separate log using skookum logger software in special event station mode.  This is a very good, easy log (for a good easy computer like a Mac).  The downside, being a contest logger, is that it does not record location data.  So I could not produce any fancy maps for you. Fortunately was able to do the job for me!

Main bands were 17 and 20m.  There was some action on 10 and 40.  But no long distances on 40 which seemed very poor over the last week or so.

Station was my portable setup as the new shack is not finished yet.  So set up on the camping table in the sitting room were the Elecraft K3S and Expert 1.3 linear with a radio sport headset and foot switch.  (I’m  now a foot switch convert).  Antennas were a Kelleman 30/40 dipole and the trusty SteppIr DB11.  There were some issues with the rotator which would only turn one way.  This was tracked down to some corrosion on one of the plugs which was fixed with some dielectric grease.

It helps to set yourself a goal.  On the first night from 7pm for a couple of hours I tried very hard and, just, managed 100 qso’s in the first hour.  Pretty much all stateside.  Hourly rate of 100 comprised 50% 20m 30% 17m and the rest 40 and 15. Total for the evening was 328 in 4 hours with a break for tea.

The second slot started at 1am. I didn’t.  I started at 8am and finished at 11am.  Total was 303 but not bettering the 100/hr rate.

Third, the best time to do it from here starting 7pm.  I got tired but hit my target of 350 by 11pm.  Best rate was 136 per hour.

Then, finishing off the target, was to hit the 1,000 mark. The Monday morning was very difficult, with poor conditions.  Many on 40m with many UK stations, so hit the 62 qso mark by coffee time.  But even in these poor conditions it proves if you are there shouting you get results.  Many MM and GD stations and then suddenly VK from Tasmania pops up.

So the total for Wales over 4 sessions was 1,043 logged with 68 DXCC’s. Countries including VK, JA, SA, VP (once to have Bob calling me for once) etc.  Pretty much all states worked but I’m not sure how to work that out from the info that I have in the log.

When the next one comes up I would urge everyone to give it a go.  Pick your slots, hope the band conditions are good and give yourself a target to shoot for.



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